Walkerville Camping Reserve

Rules and Regulations

The following rules are intended to allow people to enjoy the park now, and into the future.  Non-compliance may result in you being required to leave the park.


Each site is allowed no more than the indicated number of the following units, to a maximum of four units:

  • Tenting (incl. a caravan annex) up to an area of 20 square meters
  • One caravan or camping trailer
  • Two trailers (incl. boat trailer)
  • Two motor vehicles

-Tenting, caravans and camping trailers must be placed on the site allocated by the Manager.  Other units are to not occupy or obstruct other sites.  

-Annex floors should be constructed of a permeable material to minimise damage to grass.

-The cars of non-paying visitors are to be parked in the visitor's car park.

-Noise is to be kept to a minimum after 10pm.


-The maximum period for which a site may be booked is 6 months.  Site availability may be further restricted to facilitate the efficient management of the park, and the maintenance of sites. No storing of vans after Queens Birthday, until September.

-Subletting of sites is not permitted.



 -Vehicles share the road with pedestrians and cyclists, and in the interests of safety the speed limit is strictly 8km/h.  Normal road rules apply.

-The boom gates should be kept clear of children or other activities.

-The park's water supply comes from a nearby spring and is untreated.  Campers should take appropriate precautions, incl the boiling of drinking water.

-No fires of any description are permitted except at the times and in the places approved by the Manager.  Fires must not be left unattended.

- Fire hoses are for fire fighting only, and are not to be used for other purposes such as washing down boats, etc.

-Beach umbrellas are to be securely anchored.


-No vegetation is to be cut, cleared or damaged in any way, and fallen timber is not to be disturbed.  Guy ropes and clothes-lines are not to be attached to trees. 

-The collection of firewood in and around the park is prohibited.

-The constructed walkways are to be used to access the beach.

-Dogs and cats are not permitted in the park.

-No plants or wildlife are to be harmed or disturbed.

-Rocks and sand are not to be removed from the beach.

-Firearms are prohibited.

-Vehicles are not allowed on the beach.


-Children under the age of six are to be accompanied to the showers by an adult.  Children should be supervised at the playground.

-Mops are provided in toilet blocks to clean/dry floor after showering.

-Water supplies are limited, so please minimise use, and follow restrictions when in use. 

-Dishes are not to be washed in laundries or hand basins. 

-Garbage must be well wrapped and placed into the bins provided.  Bins are not to be moved from their allocated areas. Please make use of the recycling bins provided, and no plastic bags in recycling bins.




Members Photos

Members are welcome to post photos of the Walkerville area :)